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Bulan, Tahun : 2015
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1 Relationship Of Motherís Knowledge About Polio Immunization With Motherís Behavior Post Infantís Polio Immunization In Village Mancang Community Health Centers Selesai- Langkat 2014 Betty Mangkuji, Idau Ginting, Dina Indarsita, Hera Daniati 3 Oral
2 The Effectiveness Of Neem Leaf Extract (azadirachta Indica Juss) In Ethanol As Repellent For The Bites Of Aedes Aegypty Mariaty Silalahi, Lestari Rahma, Nelma, Dina Indarsita, Rizky Ayu Lestari 8 Oral
3 Current Radiotherapy Facilities In Indonesia Ikhsan Bagatondi Nasution, Dodoh Khodijah 15 Oral
4 The Correlation Of Elderly Knowledge And Attitude To The Utilization Of Elderly Integrated Service Post In Community Health Center Of Tanah Tinggi Binjai 2013 Elizawarda 21 Oral
5 Relationship Between Anxiety Level To Sleep Full Fillment Of Inguinal Hernia Preoperative Patients At Dr.pirngadi Hospital Medan Suriani Br Ginting, Agustina Boru Gultom, Wiwik Dwi Arianti 28 Oral
6 Disaster Risk Index In Simeulue District (study Case: Disaster Prone Areas Of Aceh Province) Desi Sri Pasca Sari Sembiring, Ritha F. Dalimunthe, Delvian Sp, Mp, R.hamdani 32 Oral
7 Relationships Of Precipitating Factors And Predisposing Factor To Hypertension Incident In Internist Polyclinic Of Dr.pirngadi General Hospital Medan 2014 Risma Dumiri Manurung, Tiurlan Mariasima Doloksaribu 40 Oral
8 Personal Hygiene During Menstruation In Female Teenegers At Junior High Schools 34 Padang West Of Sumatera Indonesia Sri Dewi, Tintin Sumarni, Aini Yusra 48 Oral
9 Qualitative Study Of Premarital Sexual Behavior In Girls Adolescent At Dharma Bakti Senior High School 2014 Soep, Hanna Sriyanti Saragih, Wardati Humaira 52 Oral
10 The Satisfaction Of People With Disabilities On Rehabilitation Services In Aceh Province Hermansyah, Fahmi Ichwansyah, Enny S 61 Oral
11 Effect Workstres : Psychological Distress On Kortisol And Immunoglobulinís Levels Of Nurse In Immune System In Haji Hospital Medan Tri Niswati Utami 68 Oral
12 The Association Motherís Education And The Amount Of First Molar Caries Teeth In 6-7 Years Old Of Sd Baptis Medan Denai 2014 Herlinawati, Intan Aritonang, Hasny 73 Oral
13 Relationship Between Maternal Blood Glucose Level And Newbornís Birth Weight In Maternity Clinic Of Medan Selayang District 2014 Melva Simatupang, Yusrawati Hasibuan, Tri Marini Sn 77 Oral
14 Phenomenological Study On Pregnancy Care Experience In Mothers At Jorong Berastagi Nagari Ujung Gading, Lembah Melintang Subdistrict, Pasaman Barat, West Sumatera Nurul Azmi, Nur Afi Darti 82 Oral
15 Mapping The Risk Factor Of Leptospirosis In Klaten District Nelson Tanjung, Desy Ari Apsari, Erba Kalto Manik 86 Oral
16 Description Of Knowledge Of Hiv/aids By The Eleventh Year Student Of Sman 1 Kutalimbaru Deli Serdang District 2014 Netty Panjaitan, Surita Br Ginting 95 Oral
17 Factors Associated With Elderly Visits To Elderly Integrated Service Post In Durian Kenagarian Gadang Puskesmas Gambok Sijunjung 2014 Okky Perdana Putra, Efriza 99 Oral
18 The Influence Of Antenatal Class Towards Iiird Trimester Primigravida Mothersí Level Of Anxiety In Facing Child Birth Bina Melvia Girsang 102 Oral
19 Anemia In Connection With Pregnancy Trimester Iii Postpartum Bleeding In Dandy Clinic Distric Of Mabar 2014 Sartini Bangun 107 Oral
20 Knowledge Description Of Third Trimester Pregnant Women On Bonding Attachment In Sehat Maternity Clinic Of Pantai Cermin Sub District 2012 Suryani, Irmalinda, Junita Karoiny Pardosi 113 Oral
21 Effect Of Cutaneousslowstrokebackmassage Stimulustodecreasepainintensityin Low Backpainpatients Inpuskesbundivisionii Of Pt.sucfindomatapao Serdangbedagai Dina Yusdiana Dalimunthe, Mula Tarigan, Johani Dewita Nasution 119 Oral
22 Risk Factors Influencing Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ispa) In Toddler At Puskesmas Tanjung Paku Solok City 2014 Yulastri 127 Oral
23 Description Of Anxiety Levels On School-age Children During Having Been Hospitalized In Local General Hospital Of Dr. Djasamen Saragih Pematang Siantar Lisa Elita Rusriyani, Farida Linda Sari Siregar 132 Oral
24 The Effects Of Guided Imagery On Dysmenorrhoea Intensity And Hemoglobin Levels Hotma Sauhur Hutagaol 136 Oral
25 The Effectiveness Of Lavender Aromatherapy In Reducing Pain Intensity Of Patients With Breast Cancer In Rb2 Rsup Haji Adam Malik Medan 2014 Nurlama Siregar, Masnila, Marlisa 141 Oral
26 Parent Communication Relationship And Exposure Fornografi Knowledge Of Youth On Sexual Behavior In Adolescent In Sma Al-abdi Bahlias Emplasment, Pt. Pp. Lonsum 2014 Renny Sinaga, Kandace Sianipar 145 Oral
27 Analysis Preparedness Of General Hospital Dr. Fl. Tobing Sibolga In Implementation Of Assurance National Health Policy 2014 Siti Marlina, Juanita, Siti Zahara Nasution 152 Oral
28 Acceptability Purple Sweet Potato Butter Cake And Carbohydrate Analysis For Diabetics Snack Cindy Novilia, Fitri, Yessi Alza 164 Oral
29 Effects Of Breastfeeding Counseling Self-efficacy (bse) In Pregnant Women Towards Immediate Breastfeeding And Giving The Colostrum In Independent Practice Midwives, Pematangsiantar Tengku Sri Wahyuni, Juliani Purba, Sri Hernawati Sirait 169 Oral
30 Effect Of Music Therapy On The Stress Of School Age Children Who Experience Hospitalization At The Hospital Dr. Pirngadi Medan Tryonita Debora, Nur Asnah Sitohang 177 Oral
31 The Effectiveness Of Beethovenís ďfur Eliseí As Classical Music Therapy On Lowering Stroke Clientsí Blood Pressure In The Inpatient Rooms Of Dr. Pirngadi Regional General Hospital, Medan, In 2014 Afniwati, Amira Permata Sari Tarigan, Endang Susilawati 181 Oral
32 Factors Associated With Nutritional Status Street Children In The City Pematangsiantar Desprin Sinulingga, Diana 190 Oral
33 Relationship Between Maternal Age With Severe Preeclampsia In Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital Bogor Dodoh Khodijah, Mumun Munigar 196 Oral
34 Factors Affecting Knowledge Of Pregnant Women About Nutrition During Pregnancy In Portibi Sub District 2012 Ida Nurhayati 201 Oral
35 Effect Of Counseling Anxiety In Dealing With Labor Primigravida In The Community Health Centers Buket Hagu Lhoksukon North Aceh Idau Ginting, Dina Indarsita, Evi Desfauza, Nurul Asma 209 Oral
36 The Influence Of Type Cooking On Levels Of Crude Fiber From Water Spinach Boiled And Steamed Mustikawati, Alkausyari Aziz, Hesti Atasasih 218 Oral
37 The Impacts Of Breastfeeding Counselingbykader Kesehatan (lay Health Workers) On The First Month Exclusive Breast Feeding (e1) Among Breast Feeding Women In Darul Imarah Sub-district Nurlaili Ramli, Putrisanty 222 Oral
38 Anxiety Level Of Families In Facing Schizophrenia Client Behavior At The Polyclinic Of North Sumatra Province Mental Hospital 2014 Johani Dewita Nasution, Endang Susilawati 239 Poster
39 Mother Knowledge Description About Diarrhea In Toddler Ratni Siregar 244 Poster
40 The Description Of Knowledge Pregnant Mother To Degree Gingivitis In Pasar Miring Village Of District Deli Serdang 2013 Asnita Simaremare, Sondang Siregar, Sri Junita Nainggolan, Reti Pratiwi 248 Poster
41 Knowledge About Fluor Albus Hazards To Pregnant Women At Sundari General Hospital 2012 Yusrawati Hasibuan 253 Poster
42 Knowledge And Attitudes Relationship Of Diabetics Patients Against Diabetic Ulcers Incident At Medan Petisah Community Health Center (puskesmas)work Areas 2013 Dina Yusdiana Dalimunthe 257 Poster
43 Study Antimicrobial Activity Of Ethanol Extract Curry Leaves (murraya Koeningii L. Spreng) Against Staphylococcus Aureus And Escherichia Coli Panal Sitorus, Djamidin Manurung, Ernawaty 262 Poster
44 The Effect Of Family Psychoeducation Therapy Toward The Parentís Ability To The Mental Retardation Child Independency In Slbn-1 Palangka Raya Syamíani 267 Poster
45 Evaluation Of Antibiotic Dose Appropriateness In Patients With Chronic Renal Failure In Haji Adam Malik Hospital Medan On Period January Ė June 2014 Maya Natalina, Aminah Dalimunthe, Khairunnisa, Imam Bagus Sumantri 272 Poster
46 Womanís Knowledge And Attitudes About Participation In The Investigation Iva Test (visual Inspection Of Acetic Acid) In Dusun Iv Desa Tengah Pancur Batu Sub-district Deli Serdang 2014 Suswati, Dewi Meliasari 277 Poster
47 The Effects Of Pepino (solanum Muricatum) Extract To The Decrease Of Glucose Content In Blood Of White Rats Ratus Novergicus) Riris Opposunggu, Bernike Doloksaribu, Oslida Martony 282 Poster
48 Satisfaction Level Of Outpatient To The Pharmacy Installation Service At Rs Kusta Pulau Sicanang Belawan Sitanggang, Rosmayani Silitonga, Cory Karlina Purba 285 Poster
49 Overview Of Knowledge And Public Attitude Toward The Use Of Medicine Without Prescription In Yasmin Pharmacy At Jalan Pinang Baris Medan Zulfa Ismaniar 287 Poster
50 Factors Cause Neonatal Asphyxia Occurrence Of Neonatal Asphyxia In The Perinatology Of Dr.pirngadi General Hospital Medan 2014 Tiurlan Mariasima Doloksaribu, Risma Dumiri Manurung 289 Poster
51 Comparison Of Levels Leptin In Visceral And Non Visceral Obesity Yulina Dwi Hastuty 294 Poster
52 Factors That Affect Anxiety Level Of Pulmonary Tb Patients In Ra 3 Room Of Haji Adam Malik Hospital Soep 360 Poster